Santa Monica Chiropractor Dr. Pamela Ramer welcomes you to her Chiropractic Clinic


Santa Monica Chiropractor graduated magna cum laude practicing Safe and Natural Techniques like the Activator, Instrument Adjusting, SOT, Cutting Edge Technologies like Laser Therapies and Electric Stimulation Massage, Yoga Therapy and Myofascial Release, Cranio Sacral Therapy with special interest in Sciatica, Disc Herniation, Sports Injuries, Certified in Car and Motor Cycle Injuries, Whiplash, Prenatal and Pediatrics.  All of these techniques are integrated to the individual to encourage a speedy recovery.  This is always based on a two way street:  chiropractor working on the patient in her Santa Monica Clinic and the patient doing self care techniques and corrective exercises at home..  As a Chiropractor, Dr. Ramer's skills in chiropractic as well as  her training ( in Mumbai, India) in Yoga provides a unique therapy driven towards quick pain relief geared towards back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, knee pain and foot pain, tingling and numbness, carpal tunnel syndrome..

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