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Massage Therapy Enhances Your Chiropractic Care

A holistic approach is the most effective path to achieving optimum and lasting health and wellness. Dr. Ramer insists on making the best therapies available to her patients and sometimes these can be ancient techniques that are finally enjoying modern scientific recognition and appreciation.

Massage is one of these healing arts.

Patients who come to Ramer Chiropractic may receive massage therapy as an integral part of their healing program. The use of massage has been documented as far back as 722 BC, and its important role in traditional Chinese medicine through the ages is well known. Further, if we fast forward to today, we will often see the world’s greatest Olympic athletes receiving massage therapy prior to their big events.

As a professional chiropractor trained in its techniques as well as a healer certified in yoga and a wide variety of technologically advanced therapies, Dr. Ramer understands how different treatments can complement one another and produce the best results in each of her patients. Massage therapy is an important adjunct to the chiropractic care she provides to her patients from Santa Monica and the neighboring areas.

Unlike massage services that are available elsewhere, when massage therapy is performed under the guidance of a chiropractor it can have a long-term positive impact on your healing and wellness. While pleasurable, the benefits from standard massage providers are typically short term in nature.

The addition of massage therapy is beneficial in a variety of therapeutic situations. The work of the certified massage therapist at Ramer Chiropractic will:

  • Improve blood circulation,
  • Reduce muscle tension,
  • Relieve stress,
  • Reduce joint stiffness, and
  • Promote relaxation.

It is evident from this list of benefits how massage therapy can be used to compliment Dr. Ramer’s low-force instrument and activator chiropractic treatment as well as the other healing techniques available at the clinic.

No matter what has prompted you to seek chiropractic treatment from Dr. Ramer – whether it is a sports injury, a condition related to pregnancy, a desire to improve your health or the result of an accident – massage therapy may help your healing in a variety of ways.


resized_286x86_Massage_ImageTreat yourself to a touch of exclusive luxury: a relaxing massage by fully trained therapists.  Relax, Recuperate, and Rejuvenate!  Enjoy deep heat and application of advanced techniques to targeted deep muscles facilitating healing, body balance, and restoration.

Quicker recovery and localized healing. For example, massage therapy may be used in the treatment of soft tissue injuries, such as sprains and strains. In these cases, massage – as an adjunct to chiropractic care – helps push healing to a new level. Our certified massage therapist can increase blood flow to the affected areas, boosting oxygen and the availability of nutrients that promote healing.

Increased flexibility. Chiropractic care, yoga and massage therapy all aim to improve an individual’s range of motion. The improved range of motion achieved through chiropractic treatment is further enhanced by massage therapy so patients are able to experience restored flexibility and range of motion much more quickly.

Reduced stress for better health. One of the greatest health and wellness benefits you will experience with massage therapy is a reduction in stress. It seems that everywhere we look today we read about the direct connection between stress and a wide range of diseases – both chronic and acute. An outstanding benefit of massage therapy at Ramer Chiropractic is stress reduction.

Improved posture. Dr. Ramer stresses the importance of proper posture for long-term health and wellness. Massage therapy and chiropractic care can work together to help you improve and maintain your posture. When working to eliminate pain, many times the best place to start is with proper posture.

Of course, all the facets of care at Ramer Chiropractic work together to promote optimum health and they must be experienced first hand to really appreciate their efficacy. We would like to extend to you an invitation to call us today and schedule an initial consultation where we can discuss your specific needs.


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